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The Prelude

During a recent date with a client, we ran into a bit of a dilemma. He had asked me several personal questions, all of which I was reluctant to answer. After much confusion on what else we could talk about, he cautiously ventured onto the topic of what my interests were. This is a topic I’m a lot more open with but without a whole lot of prelude on what I like to talk about, it was harder to find a common interest that was, well, interesting.

This isn’t an isolated event. I am extremely private (almost notoriously so) amongst all people in this business, even other providers. I like to maintain a distinct separation between the private and public realm. I understand not all providers operate this way so I understand that some gentlemen might be taken aback by it. On the other hand, I’ve never been fond of small talk. Instead of making people seem polite, it makes the best of us appear a bore.

Thus the idea of starting a blog was created.

More than just an info dump of my life and interests, I aim to use this blog as a way to spark conversations and explore topics that may only be discussed very briefly on social media platforms that have become so popular amongst our little part of society. Things that amuse me, delight me and even frighten me.

Through this blog, I aim to be raw. I aim to be honest. I aim to be real. And what is more interesting than real life?

Open your mind and enjoy the ride.