I don’t expect gifts but greatly appreciate it when I get them

Other than the items on my wishlist, here’s a few other gift ideas for gentlemen wanting to do a little something extra.

For the practical gentleman

While getting a gift card from one of these places wouldn’t be considered glamorous, they are extremely practical. I go to these places frequently (some on a daily basis!) so a gift card from one of them would be very useful.


I love starting off my day with a cup or two of a good tea. It is so comforting and therapeutic. Getting a gift card from one of these places would be nice but it would be really special if you were to buy a box from one of these shops. Floral teas (jasmine, rose, lavender) are my favorite.


In the ancient Mayan civilization where chocolate was first consumed, it was called the “food of the gods”. It would totally make me feel like a goddess if I was to get a little box or gift card from one of these places.

*The only thing I’m really interested in from here are the Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters. In my humble opinion, the ones from California taste better so if you find yourself in the Golden State and pick up a bag, just remember: sharing is caring 😉

For the gentleman who wants to treat me

I can be a bit of a fashion addict. In true (cliched!) Carrie Bradshaw fashion, my clothes, shoes and handbags take up most of the storage space in my NYC apartment. Of course my goal is to have NO space for anything else. Feed my addiction by giving me a gift card from one of these fine retailers.

For the gentleman who really wants to impress

I am passionate about each and every one of these charities and I’m a firm believer in their missions for social equality and conservation. I donate to these charities and it would impress me a great deal if you were to make a donation on my behalf.