Q. Are you available right now/tonight?

A.No, I’m not available at this very moment and can’t teleport to you, unfortunately. If you’re contacting me for the first time and you need to be screened, please give at least a few days for the screening to be completed. Patience is key and planning ahead is strongly recommended!

Q. Do you do [insert acronym here]?

A. Seeing as I’m human and not some sort of sexbot, I really can’t answer that question until we’re better acquainted. If you’re asking that right off the bat, however, I can already tell you that I’m not what you’re looking for.

Q. When do you offer incalls in NYC?

A. I no longer offer monthly incalls in NYC and am only available for outcalls.

Q. I’m new to this and haven’t seen any companions so I can’t provide references. Is that okay?

A. I do have alternate ways to verify your identity but some sort of screening will be required. I simply don’t feel comfortable meeting anonymously.

Q. Do you see people who are different races, disabled, LGBTQ, younger or older than you?

A. It breaks my heart a little that you’d feel the need to ask that. Of course I will see you regardless of any physical differences (or similarities, in some cases)! Actually, I think the best part about companionship is that I get to meet people from different walks of life. Our conversations will be extra interesting!

Q. I have an outfit request.

A. Unless it’s something you see me wearing on this site, I’m not interested in accommodating it.

Q. Can your assistant read the emails sent to helloalia@protonmail.com?

A. No, only I have access to that account.

Q. Do you have access to both email accounts?

A. I have full access to both email accounts and frequently read all incoming and outgoing emails from my booking email address (meetaliareza@gmail.com).

Q. Do you tour?

A. I do tour within the US often, mostly to the west coast. Please contact me with details on my next tour.